Assessing Specific Learning Difficulties - Reviews

Course Reviews

"Of all the courses I have taken in the past five to six years, this course was the most enlightening.  There was so much information presented that I will need to revisit my notes in a few weeks to continue my reflection on this course.  The idea of working towards a less disruptive classroom to help improve teaching and learning, although fairly obvious, is easy to overlook."
-- J.C. from Ohio

"I am very happy with taking this course. After being in the classroom for four years, I was able to really learn and reflect throughout taking this course. I have a difficult group of students this upcoming year, both academically and behaviorally, and I feel that I have learned a lot to help me with my new students. This course will not only help me understand my students better, but it will also help me know how to take action with helping these kids in the most productive and successful way."
-- A.K. from Missouri

"I found the course Assessing Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s) to cover a broad knowledge base from definitions of specific learning difficulties to assessments and checklists to use to identify and diagnose learning difficulties to steps to implement interventions for students. Literacy is broken down and self-esteem is explored in its relation to learning needs. Throughout the course, I discovered new information and was reminded of aspects of teaching that are important to allow students with specific learning difficulties reach their academic potential."
-- D.H. from Thailand