Learning on Your Feet

What makes this course stand out from other classroom strategy courses is the inclusion of more physical fitness, which research shows dramatically improves students’ focus, behavior, and achievement. But understand that the research and activities aren’t just an extension of physical education class. Rather, they focus on developing core, balance, and fitness, which improve reading, critical thinking, organization, focus, behavior, and overall academic achievement. The research in this course overwhelmingly reinforces our position that a fit body is critical to maximum student achievement and overall success. What is interesting is that many academic issues with reading or math are actually often related to physical issues. For example, as we will discuss in the course, poor reading skills may in some part be attributed to lack of coordination (body midline), which impedes the ability to read from left to right. If the ideas and strategies in this course are implemented into the traditional classroom, you will see a significant change in your students’ behavior, productivity, sense of well-being, and achievement.