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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I take more than 1 (One) course at a time?
Answer: Yes. Our learning environment is designed to serve multiple courses at the same time. Students are able to work within any of their courses concurrently.

Question: Can courses be completed over the summer, or do some of the course projects need to be done during the school year?
Answer: All course projects have been created with flexibility for summer enrollment. We ask that students, if not currently teaching, reflect on past experiences or future intentions.

Question: Would I need to purchase books or additional materials?
Answer: No additional materials are needed. Everything is provided online and available within each course dashboard.

Question: If I registered today, when would I start the courses?
Answer: You can start right away, as access to courses is issued immediately upon successful payment of course fees.

Question: Is there an expiration date for my courses?
Answer: Yes. To be clear:
--There is a One (1) year expiration for each course from the date of enrollment. Chances are, you will certainly have completed your coursework by then. The purpose of this expiration date is to make sure that you are enrolled in the most current courses available.
--From the date a course has been officially completed, you have up to One (1) year to register for your credit with Humboldt State University.

Question: When will I be able to register for academic credit at the graduate level with Humboldt State University?
Answer: Once a course is successfully completed, a secure link to the HSU online portal is made available within your course dashboard. You may register for credit anytime after this link is made available.

Question: How do I request and receive an official transcript from Humboldt State University (HSU)?
Answer: After you have successfully registered for credit with Humboldt, you will receive an email from HSU with your student ID. This email includes instructions on how to order official transcripts for your completed coursework.

Question: How long does it take to receive an official transcript from Humboldt State University?
Answer: Once you have successfully ordered your transcripts, you can expect them to arrive at their final destination within 2 weeks. The staff at HSU is very responsive, and great at what they do. There are expedited options available...if you need things to move along a bit faster, just give them a call.