Dealing with Difficult Parents

This course will help teachers, principals, superintendents and all educators increase their skills in working with the most challenging parents you come in contact with. Additionally, educators can learn and develop specific strategies to help deliver less than positive news in an appropriate manner to all of our constituents. We will also provide tools that can help you build credibility with all parents. This can increase the level of trust and support that is imperative in building the needed parent–school relationship, which will allow greater success for all students. Initiating positive contact with parents is essential in this process. For all educators, if we do not initiate positive contact with parents, then the only contact we may have is negative. When we get into this pattern, then we become very hesitant to inform or even interact with the adults in our students' lives. Being able to comfortably and effectively make educator-initiated contact with parents is a skill that all of us must learn and practice.Many of the situations we face are challenging. This course will provide you with specific language, understanding, and resources that you can immediately use in interacting with every parent in your community.