Learning on Your Feet - Reviews

Course Reviews

"Overall, this course made me more aware; more aware of what I’m doing each day in the classroom to optimize my students’ overall experience and also more aware of how I parent and what I want for my own children as they get older.  It was certainly a worthwhile use of my time.  Thank you!"
-- L.C. from Massachusetts

"This was such a fun class to take! I didn’t really know what to expect, in fact, I sort of expected it to tell me to get up more during teaching and circulate in the room more, but it’s just the opposite – the students need to get up more!!  It has given me so much to think about and so many important reminders of what I should be incorporating in my classroom each day."
-- L.W. from Nevada

"This course was very beneficial to me for learning different types and styles of movement activities. I am so excited to try one of them in particular out which is the stationary bike used to read. I have ridden my bike 13 miles a day to work for the past 8 years and I think the movement keeps me not stressed. And that is exactly what I learned in this class is the power of play and exercise."
-- J.K. from Japan

"Although I was aware of the importance of movement I learned through this course the vital connection that exists between learning and movement. I am excited about witnessing the differences brain breaks, using nature as an extension of the classroom and adding more kinesthetic and tactile activity in the classroom will make."
-- S.S. from Ohio