Supporting Young People with Anxiety - Reviews

Course Reviews

"Overall, I felt this course was great! It reminded me of a great deal I had forgotten throughout the years and was put together in a manner that was extremely easy to follow and was very informative."
-- K.J. from Nevada

"Due to the course, I now analyze my students’ behaviors with a different lens. I deeply consider anxiety when a student exhibits behaviors. I am certain that with this valuable information, I can continue to support my students and guide them through their most difficult anxieties and emotions."
-- A.R. from California

"First of all, I would like to express that taking this class has really allowed me to learn several components that will refine the services I provide to students that are experiencing anxiety in school. The four different modules provided me with a complete understanding of why students are anxious, how to identify triggers, how to provide support to parents, identify the myths of students with anxiety, and the last module gave me the opportunity to learn about the ten-week group intervention program."
-- L.G. from California