Building Executive Function - Reviews

Course Reviews

"I am so thrilled that I took this course. For many years I have struggled to figure out why some of my young learners acted the way they do. I am excited to begin to re-examine how I am teaching my students."
-- S.S. from Ohio

"This course gave so many great activities that I can easily incorporate into my lessons and school day!  I have compiled a list with the activities and a short description of each so that I can have it handy as a daily reminder.  I also plan on sharing the list with my co-workers so that they can also use them with their students."
-- S.M. from Minnesota

"I would say the most important resource I discovered in this course was the course itself! The project work really helped me hone in on several activities I could add to help particular learners that have been challenging to teach."
-- M.K. from Iowa