Essential Creativity in the Classroom - Reviews

Course Reviews

"This course really opened my eyes to the importance of me being diligent in supporting the creativity of the students in my classroom. While I feel that I am doing some of the things mentioned throughout the course, I know that there is more that I can be doing to help my students grow in the best ways. I want to be a coach for my students who is encouraging, uplifting, and guiding them to their full potential."
-- A.J. from California

"In a year with a global pandemic, this course will strengthen my connections with students as we navigate creative ways to move through third grade. I am excited to take these ideas and put them to use."
-- B.W. from Michigan

"More important than all else in this course was the importance of getting to know students at their core as individuals-what they care about, what motivates/interests them, and what makes them feel celebrated as a person. When educators can get to know their students as individuals, we are better able to form meaningful relationships that might even extend past the classroom. It is important for students to feel valued, appreciated, and known."
-- E.T. from California