Culturally Responsive Education in the Classroom - Reviews

Course Reviews

"This course was truly an eye opening one. I began this course having spent time during the last year and a half trying to understand more how to be a culturally responsive educator. I knew going into this course that I need to continue learning, but after this course I have really come to understand that this is a job that will never end. I will always need to be seeking new knowledge, growing, and learning about not only how to be culturally responsive, but also how to reach each individual student that comes into my classroom each year. I am feeling excited and have a new passion ignited for my career."
-- A.J. from California

"I am excited to move forward in preparing to design and deliver instruction using the CRE mental model during the next academic school year. These reflections have made me look inward and honestly inspect my delivery methods, and identify any exclusivities within my lessons. It is my goal to promote a classroom with a positive learning environment where inclusive learning is at the forefront."
-- J.P. from Oregon