Becoming Buoyant - Managing the Day to Day - Reviews

Course Reviews

"Before this course, I did not know that there were professionals who have dedicated time to researching this topic to support others in this learning. Becoming buoyant (more balanced in my day to day lifestyle) has never been a top priority for me as a teacher. My focus has always been on my classroom and my students rather than balancing my own lifestyle. This course has taught me that taking care of myself and maintaining that balanced lifestyle is a very important part of providing a positive classroom environment for my students."
-- J.T. from Pennsylvania

"This course has helped me to learn a lot about myself and the way that stress, anxiety, resilience, and confidence have impacted my life. I learned that many aspects of the way that we respond to things in life is a part of our personality, but some things are learned, and some things are influenced by those around us. This last part of my learning is what I am especially passionate about. While I cannot completely change a student’s self-confidence, resilience, or stress levels, I can impact them positively or negatively. I want to constantly strive to have a positive impact in the lives of my students, teaching them not only how to treat others, but also how to treat themselves. This course has given me tools and ideas about how to support them, and I am truly appreciative of that."
-- A.J. from California