Assessment and Testing Refresher - Reviews

Course Reviews

"While this course has already helped me make some progress in assessing students, it also showed me areas where I need to grow. I am excited about the concepts I have learned and the progress that I have already made. I look forward to continuing to grow in this area in order to improve my students' educational experience."
-- J.R. from Maryland

"The course has been an excellent revisit to various types of assessments and has given me an opportunity to reflect on the type of assessments that I currently use in my own courses."
-- D.P. from Colorado

"The major concepts of this course that I have learned begin with assessment and evaluation. How we assess and evaluate our class and students plays an important part of our job. We must be aware of the process and work to do it adequately and effective. We then looked at a mission and vision. We must be able to identify what we are doing and how we are going to get there. Our beliefs are important and must be an important part our class being able to learn. We have program and unit outcomes that will make up the class lessons and how we plan on getting from the start to the finish. What is authentic assessment? How is authentic assessment done? These were key issues used to measure and test student achievement. The last group of concepts we worked on were student portfolios and scoring guides. These are very useful in determining what the students learned and how the student performed in the classroom."
-- R.R. from Arkansas