Bullying Prevention - Keeping Schools Safe - Reviews

Course Reviews

"This has been one of the most profound professional development courses that I have ever taken online. It covered so much meaningful content that will help impact so many students. I now better understand what bullying even is, who the victims are, what sorts of interventions are appropriate and how I can help introduce my entire school to a school wide bullying prevention program. "
-- A.P. from California

"This has been an amazing course. I truly have enjoyed it. I have found myself discussing it with my friends.  This is such vital information that needs to be shared. I personally feel that all educators should be required to take this class. "
-- K.H. from Kentucky

"After taking this course, I will be able to better identify a bully in my classroom and around the school. I will also be able to look for victim type behaviors to identify them. I know how to evaluate the situation and how to formulate a plan. I can give advice to a victim on how to handle being bullied and hopefully put an end to the situation. I can help a bully to understand why they are treating others the way that they are and work toward figuring out other ways to healthily handle their emotions. I can also point colleges in the direction of this course as a great training tool to better understand effective intervention strategies."
-- D.D. from Virginia

"This course has been very insightful and informative. The very first module helps identify bullying. It helped me to recognize the myths surrounding this topic. Which at times, as adults, we fall into making those mistakes and categorize certain behaviors as part of adolescence. I also realized that I need to be observant of the types of bullying and what it looks like in the classroom, cafeteria, playground and hallways. Some students will externalize it (this will more likely be the bully) while others will internalize it (this will typically be the victim). Being able to pick up on these behaviors is very important for prevention purposes. The deficiencies in character were also very helpful. Being able to reinforce values and beliefs into my students and teach them skills so that in turn they can make better choices is one key factor for me taking this course."
-- P.V. from California