Educational Psychology Refresher - Reviews

Course Reviews

"This is the most interesting course that I have taken for a very long time. I am a Family and Consumer Science teacher, and I spent some time working in the social work field, so the psychology field really interests me. For the most part, everything that I learned from the class was new information. I had taken psychology classes in college, but it had been a long time, and I am sure that I have forgotten a lot of what I had learned, so this was a great course for me to gain new knowledge and feel refreshed as a teacher.

This class was great; practically everything in the class was new information. I have bookmarked the reference section and added some of my own to use in my classroom. Also, every fall my principal has us develop a belief statement; mine is done. I really enjoyed learning about the multiple intelligences and how the brain works and personality develops. My assessment was a little surprising to me, but I think it is correct. I am happy to recommend this class to a fellow teacher."
-- D.D. from Indiana

"The importance of continued education for teachers is always something that comes to mind once I am in the thralls of coursework. As educators we get so caught up in all that is required of us, the new demands, the changes in curriculum, etc., etc. This educational psychology class is of particular value as it brings one back to the basics, reminds one of the essential needs, how and why we learn and react the way we do. It reminds one of the different learning styles, modes of delivery that are essential in the classroom and the importance of teamwork."
--T.K. from Washington

"The biggest takeaway from this course is the realization that education consists of helping people of endless personality differences acquire knowledge and skills that will be valuable for them. Going through these materials helped me realize the great challenge of being the educator I want to be. At the same I sometimes felt discouraged when I would try to think about how I can possibly design classes that will help learners of all types acquire knowledge when I am the teacher."
-- J.F. from Colorado