ELL in the Classroom Refresher - Reviews

Course Reviews

"The entire class was enlightening, and will be useful. I will take all the concepts I have learned here, and either apply them to my own teaching, or I will apply them to the department meetings I lead to help our staff better teach ELL students."
-- M.B. from California

"I found the ELL in the Classroom Refresher course to be a well organized, clear and topically useful course. It was clear and concise with content chunked to help make it easy to understand. The presentation was efficient and effective. From the course, I found concepts I was unaware of and had some of my classroom practices reaffirmed. After completing the course, I feel better prepared to help my ELL students achieve greater academic success while improving their English."
-- D.H. from Thailand

"I have added much to my tool belt as a teacher. I was surprised at many of the culture differences and am more aware of these differences. And differences still to be discovered. It is always about expanding the way we teach. As we know all learns learn at different rates and through different techniques. This class was not only provided great ideas and practice for teaching the ELL students, but to all students across the board. With the projected rate of 40% ELL students in the year 2030, this is not only useful knowledge, but essential knowledge."
-- D.P. from Colorado