Seven Simple Secrets for Teachers - Reviews

Course Reviews

"The seven simple secrets for teachers course was awesome. I think that as teachers who are experienced we often think we are "Know it alls". It was great to revisit topics we might not put much thought into like we did our first few years of teaching. This course was great and I look forward to taking another course through!"
-- C.C. from Minnesota

"The Seven Simple Secrets for Teachers class has provided me something that I have been looking for but have not been able to find for many years, how to get out of survival mode and become an effective teacher. Now I have a roadmap to help me become an effective teacher, learn and apply the seven secrets: planning, classroom management, instruction, attitude, professionalism, effective discipline, motivation and inspiration."
-- M.W. from Iowa

"...I really enjoyed this course and I would like to recommend that anyone looking for professional development come to your site. This was a very beneficial class and I intend to take more classes from your site in the future."
-- A.M. from Missouri

"Classroom management is something that I and almost every teacher has struggled with. When I first started teaching I thought it was important to have lots of rules - created by students under my guidance. I taught in a private school and there were few, if any, student discipline problems. After a few years I moved to our city school district and found out no matter how many rules I had, I had a lot of students who chose not to follow them - and I was getting very frustrated. I finally talked with teachers who had hardly any problems and I realized that they had great relationships with their students and had few rules. I didn't know then, but what I was looking for was the difference between rules and procedures. It seems so simple but it really works. I took several classes and attended workshops on positive discipline, love and logic in the classroom, and read lots of books. I wish I had taken this course!!! I realize how important relationships are, but this course really makes me rethink even some of the things I do today in my classroom. "
-- C.P. from Ohio