Teaching Methods Refresher - Reviews

Course Reviews

"In this course I learned many different ways to reach my students to maximize learning. I learned that lecturing doesn't have to be a boring, run of the mill thing, but something that should be looked upon as a challenge to keep the audience involved. I'm very glad I got the chance to watch myself teach, as there never seems to be enough time in the normal day to see these things. I'm also glad I took the time to watch my colleague teach; I picked up a bunch of good ideas from him, and think I'll be visiting his classroom more often to keep the ideas coming."
--T.H. from Minnesota

"This course was very useful in covering teaching strategies and resources that will be useful for my classroom. The three modules made me reflect on my own teaching style and gave me some useful tools for planning, preparing, carrying out, and assessing my lessons I have in my class. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this refresher course and it reminded me to make use of some of the great tools and strategies covered in this course which I believe will carry over to my student's education the classroom."
-- D.C. from Texas

"As I look back on the projects for this course, I was very much surprised, especially from the Jigsaw activity. The whole process of a cooperative learning environment helped my students acquire concrete information on the reading assignment and hence obtain key points that helped them score higher on their quiz. This was definitely an eye opener for me. This is definitely a concept I will be implementing in my classes.

I was able to learn something new from every module in this course. They were all key elements in facilitating me to become an effective and productive teacher. I will definitely be implementing all these strategies in my lesson plans, teaching methods and cooperative learning projects. This was a very useful and educational course. "
-- P.V. from California